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It's Time to Step Up Your Game

King Bee Fitness is targeted at those who are ready to implement health and fitness into their current lifestyles.

About Me

My name is Eric Beezley. My fitness journey started at the age of 14. 

 Finding exercise was a turning point that would end up impacting many aspects of my life. Learning to integrate fitness into my daily lifestyle was challenging at first, and I spent a large period of time struggling to make it work. After hiring a coach of my own, I learned how to use fitness as a tool that would allow me to improve myself in more ways than my physical appearance. 


I have been coaching for over 2 years now and have learned a lot from working with a diverse group of people. My passion is what drives me to do what I do. Change is possible, and you are more than capable of achieving it. I will give you the tools and guidance you need to be successful, all you have to do is be ready to put in the work.

King Bee Accreditations

I am not just a trainer or nutritionist, but I have taken the time to receive certifications and continue my education. My goal is to share with you what has helped me through training and coaching athletes at all levels as well as everyday people who want to make positive changes in their lives.

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Sports Nutritionist

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

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